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Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH)

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Course Overview

The Spreadsheets for Accounting course teaches students to design and structure spreadsheets to complete a range of accounting needs. Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Use spreadsheets to record, format and organise data
  2. Use tools to manipulate and analyse data
  3. Verify the accuracy of data and ensure it is protected
  4. Use tools and techniques to prepare and report accounting information

The course is structured with a combination of interactive lectures & quizzes, exam revision questions and will help prepare your for your Advanced Synoptic Exam. 

The Learnsignal guide to passing Spreadsheets for Accounting:

  • Study with an AAT Approved Training Provider
  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Follow a guided study plan
  • Practice exam style questions
  • Attempt at least one mock exam in full under exam conditions


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