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AAT Level 3   Essential

Business Awareness (BUAW)


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Course Overview

This unit provides students with an understanding of the business, its environment and the influences that this has on an organisation’s structure, the role of its accounting function and its performance.

Students will examine the purpose and types for businesses that exist and the rights and responsibilities of the key stakeholders, as well as gain an understanding of the importance of professional ethics and ethical management within the finance function.

Learning outcomes:

• Understand business types, structure and governance and the legal framework in which they operate.
• Understand the impact of the external and internal environments on business, their performance and decisions.
• Understand how businesses and accounts comply with principles of professional ethics.
• Understand the impact of new technologies in accounting and the risks associated with data security.
• Communicate information to stakeholders.

The course is structured with a combination of interactive lectures & quizzes, exam revision questions and mock exams. 

The Learnsignal guide to passing Business Awareness:

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  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Follow a guided study plan
  • Practice exam style questions
  • Attempt at least one mock exam in full under exam conditions


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