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Why Choose an Online ACCA Revision Course?

Save money, save time, and increase your chances of passing the ACCA with an online ACCA revision course. Read on to find out more.

Save money, save time, and increase your chances of passing the ACCA with an online ACCA revision course. Read on to find out more.You’ve decided to give yourself the best possible chances of a pass by enrolling in an ACCA revision course… but should you go traditional or online? We completely believe in the benefits of online learning (that’s what we do, after all) so we wanted to share our thoughts with you.

Benefits of an Online ACCA Revision Course

Study in Comfort

The right ACCA revision environment is absolutely critical to ensuring you can learn productively. While some people might find traditional learning provides the right environment for them, many people won’t. Whether it’s PJs and tea or a suit and tie at your local coffee shop, an online ACCA revision course allows you to work wherever is best for you.

Fit Revision Around Your Life

Coffee and phoneIf you’re working while you study, your time is likely extremely tight anyway. Finding time to attend revision classes at a pre-ordained time is difficult, if not impossible.You needn’t resign yourself to studying without support though. An online ACCA revision course offers the flexibility and freedom to fit revision around your life.Learnsignal online courses are split into bitesize videos too, which means you don’t need to find hours at a time to study. You can learn while you commute, on your lunch break, and while you’re waiting in Starbucks for coffee – the list is endless. All you need is your device of choice, an Internet connection and a willingness to learn.

Faster Learning

In an ideal world, you’d have all the time in the world to revise and you’d be under no pressure at all. Except things never work out that way, unfortunately. Luckily, studies have shown that students achieve the same or better standard of learning in less than half the time of traditional courses. In practical terms, that means you can study less and learn more: sounds pretty ideal to us.

Save Money

Taking an online ACCA revision course is a lower cost option than a traditional revision course. Traditional providers have much larger overheads, so a chunk of your fee is going towards these, rather than the course itself.You’re also saving money on things like commuting costs, to get to a traditional course, and all the materials you need are included (traditional courses often charge a surplus).

Any good online ACCA revision course should be written and evaluated by professionals with an in-depth understanding of accountancy, and of the ACCA exams.

A word of warning about online learning though. While there are free materials available, you do need to think carefully about who you’re planning to entrust your ACCA revision to. Any free online resources are generally free because they have no overheads to cover…In other words, it’s highly unlikely that their course materials are designed and written by top professionals – because top professionals don’t work for free. Any good online ACCA revision course should be written and evaluated by professionals with an in-depth understanding of accountancy, and of the ACCA exams.While saving money is definitely a benefit of taking an online ACCA revision course, you need to take care to check the credentials of the course provider. You’ve put so much time and effort into getting the ACCA qualification, but poor quality revision can threaten your hard work.

You’re More Likely to Actually Revise

Research has shown that online ACCA revision courses have up to 90% higher completion rates than traditional courses. In other words, you’re more likely to stick it out to the end and learn what you need to for an ACCA exam pass.

Better Standard Of Teaching

We’ve all experienced that lecturer. You know the one… Mumbles so you can’t hear a thing, rambles so much you couldn’t understand even if you could hear. Or that lecturer who drones on in a monotone and within 5 minutes you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. The list goes on, and on, and on.If you find a good online ACCA revision course, you won’t have any of those issues. Course tutors should be trained by top educational technologists and should have years of hands-on experience so their content is both highly relevant, and engaging.

Accessible wherever you are

A woman working on a laptopTraditional courses are, by definition, held in a real physical location. If you can’t get there, that’s the end of your luck. Online ACCA revision courses are accessible no matter where you are, whether that’s Trinidad & Tobago or the UK. The ACCA qualification is available internationally, so it makes sense that ACCA revision courses should be too.

You’re More Likely to Pass With a Revision Course

I know we’ve been looking specifically at the benefits of an online ACCA revision course, but this is one big benefit of revision courses in general. You’re more likely to pass an ACCA revision course because it’s structured, guided, supportive learning specifically tailored to help you pass the exam.Simply looking through your own notes and using resources from the ACCA Global website is fine – but it’s rarely going to be as effective as a tailored revision course. It’s like trying to bake a cake without a recipe book. Some people will achieve it, but most people will find it much easier and be more likely to succeed if they’ve got the resources they need.

Check out the Learnsignal Online ACCA Revision Course

Our online ACCA revision course is written by experts, and designed to give you the technical content, exam technique and structured support you need to succeed. Our network of ACCA professionals has designed our course materials based on years of in-field experience, making them uniquely qualified to support you.You can access our online course library anywhere, anytime and on any device. Each course is broken up into short videos and includes interactive quizzes after each segment to help you solidify and test your learning.
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