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Why Should I Study For ACCA Online?

Online study is one of the most rapidly growing trends. Read on to find out the 7 major benefits of studying for ACCA online.

Online study is one of the most rapidly growing trend in education around the world. Read on to find out the 7 major benefits of studying for ACCA online.

Taking your ACCA exams will massively improve your career opportunities. But it can be difficult to find the time. Work gets in the way; family commitments are mounting; and hey. You also want to have a bit of a life. That’s fair enough. If that sounds familiar, online learning is definitely for you.

In fact, we think online learning is the best way to study for your ACCA exams no matter what your personal situation because it makes your life easier. So let’s unpick that…

The 7 major benefits of studying for ACCA online

1. Fit ACCA around your work

If you’re working while you study, you’re probably already finding time is tight. Finding even more time to attend classes is difficult. If not impossible.
The ACCA is meant to advance your career, but constantly having to leave work for classes can leave you feeling the opposite; that it’s working against you. Completing your ACCA online proves to your employer that you’re ambitious and committed to both the ACCA and to your company’s performance.

“The ACCA is meant to advance your career, but constantly having to leave work for classes can leave you feeling the opposite; that it’s working against you.”

Studying ACCA online doesn’t have to mean studying without support. In fact, the opposite. At learnsignal we offer 24-hour tutor support with speedy response times, to help you maintain your learning momentum. That’s even better than a once-weekly classroom session.

2. Save Money

An online ACCA course is a much more affordable option than traditional classroom courses. Traditional providers have large overheads, which means a significant chunk of your fee goes towards these. That seems unfair, when you’re paying for the course itself.

Then there are the secondary savings. You’ll save considerable money and time (and time, after all, is money) on things like commuting costs and materials (traditional courses often charge extra for learning materials).
A word of warning though. While there are free materials available online, think carefully who you trust to invest all your time with.

Totally free online resources are generally free because they have no overheads. Which means it’s highly unlikely their course materials are written by top professionals – because top professionals are an overhead.

Any good online ACCA course should be written and evaluated by accountancy professionals with an in-depth understanding of the ACCA exams.
Saving money is undeniably an advantage to online ACCA courses, do check the credentials of the course provider or you could end up wasting your time.

3. Study in Comfort

man surfing on mobile with headphones

The environment you study in plays a massive role in helping you learn productively. While some people might enjoy the traditional learning environment, others might not. Say you’re a shy student, who feels uncomfortable asking a question or asking a lecturer to go through something again. Our online courses mean you can study in your own time, watch our videos as often as you like, and contact our tutor support 24/7.

An online ACCA course allows you to work wherever is best for you. The ACCA is challenging enough; anything that makes your life easier is a fantastic thing.

“Make your life easier, with customised learning that’s comfortable for you.”

4. Accessible wherever you are

Traditional courses are obviously held in a real physical location. If you can’t get there, you can’t get there. Online ACCA courses are accessible no matter where you are, wherever you are in the world.

The ACCA qualification is available worldwide, so ACCA courses should be too. Plus learnsignal online courses are available on any device so you can learn wherever you have a spare few minutes. You can learn while you commute, on your break, while you’re waiting for coffee – the list goes on.

5. Faster Learning

In an ideal world, you’d have plenty of time revise, and be under no pressure at all. It’s not an ideal world though, as we all well know.

Luckily, studies have proved students can achieve the same (or better) learning in less than half the time of traditional courses. So you can study less and learn more: ideal.

Learnsignal videos are designed on exactly that principle.

All our online courses are split into bitesize videos, so you don’t need to find hours at a time to study. We take all the chattering, gossip, lengthy lectures and boring questions and recognise that your time is important to you. Online learning is a completely personal learning experience, that gets straight to the point.

“Studying for the ACCA online means you can study less and learn more.”

6. Higher Standard Of Teaching

man smiling on laptop screenWe’ve all experienced that lecturer. The one who mumbles so you can’t hear, or rambles so you can’t follow even if you can hear. Or the one who drones on in an endless monotone so you can’t keep your eyes open.

Our online ACCA courses mean you won’t have any of those issues. Our course tutors are trained by top educational technologists and have years of hands-on experience. So their content is relevant, engaging, and tailored to help you secure that pass.

7. You’re More Likely to Pass

The fact is, you’re more likely to pass any exam with a little help. Even if you’ve been working in finance for ages, and have loads of exemptions on the early exams. Nobody finds the ACCA easy, and self-study has loads of potential pitfalls.

Simply looking through your notes and using ACCA Global resources is fine – but it’s rarely going to be as effective as a proper online course. It’s like baking a cake without a recipe book. Some people will get there, but you’ll be more likely to succeed when you’ve got the resources you need.

“Don’t try to bake a cake without a recipe book. Give yourself the right resources to succeed.”

Why learnsignal?

Hopefully, the above reasons prove that online learning is the best way to study for the ACCA… but what about learnsignal?

Learnsignal online ACCA courses give you the technical content, exam technique and structured support to excel. Our network of ACCA professionals has designed our courses based on years of in-field experience, so they’re uniquely qualified to support you on your learning journey.

Students can access our online courses anywhere, anytime and on any device. Each course is broken up into short videos and includes interactive quizzes to help cement and test your learning. And you get 24/7 tutor support when you need it.

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