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9 Great Reasons to Study CIMA Online

Save money, save time, and increase your chances of passing CIMA with an online revision course. Read on to find out more.

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Save money and time, along with increasing your chances of passing CIMA by studying online.

So you’ve decided to give yourself the best possible chances of a pass by enrolling in a CIMA revision course, but should you turn to the classroom or go online?

We completely believe in the benefits of online learning (that’s what we specialise in, after all)! This article looks at the key reasons to learn CIMA online.

What are the Benefits of an Online CIMA Revision Course?

1. Be Comfortable When You Study

The right revision environment is critical to helping you learn productively. While some people might find traditional learning is the right space for them, many people won’t.

Whether it’s in your pyjamas with a cup of coffee or in a suit at your local coffee shop, an online CIMA course will allow you to learn anywhere and at any time, making study fit into your life, not the other way around.

2. Fit Revision Around Your Life

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If you’re working and studying, time is precious. Finding spare hours to go to classes at a set time is difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Online study doesn’t mean you’re on your own. The right online course can offer the flexibility and freedom to fit revision around your life.

When lectures are split into bite-sized videos, you don’t need to find hours at once to study. It’s easy to learn on your commute, at lunch or even while waiting for a coffee!

All you really need is a device, wi-fi connection and a willingness to learn.

3. Learn Faster

It would be great if you had endless hours to spend revising and felt no pressure. Unfortunately, things never seem to work out that way.

Thankfully, recent studies have shown that students achieve the same or better standard of learning in less than half the time of classroom courses. What that means is that you can study less and learn more!

4. Save Money

Studying CIMA online can be done at a much lower cost than a traditional revision course. As traditional providers have much larger overheads, a large portion of your payment goes towards paying these rather than the course itself.

You also save money on commuting costs and on materials as these are included online (traditional courses often charge extra).

Any good online CIMA course should be written and evaluated by professionals with an in-depth understanding of accountancy and the exams.

A thing to consider with online learning is that while there are free materials available, it’s important to carefully consider who you entrust your CIMA revision.

If it’s free, it’s highly unlikely that their course materials are designed and written by top professionals – because top professionals don’t work for free. Any good online CIMA revision course should be written and evaluated by professionals with a deep understanding of accountancy and CIMA exams.

While saving money is definitely a benefit of studying online, take care to check the credentials of the learning provider. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting the CIMA qualification, don’t let poor quality revision hinder your hard work.

6. You’re More Likely to Actually Revise

Research has shown that online revision courses have up to 90% higher completion rates than traditional courses.

In other words, you’re more likely to keep going to the end and learn what you need to pass.

7. Better Standard Of Teaching

We’ve all had experience with that lecturer. You know who I’m talking about! The one that mumbles so you can’t hear anything or talks so much you find it impossible to understand what they’re saying. Or what about that lecturer who speaks in a monotone and makes it difficult for you to stay awake!

If you find an excellent online CIMA revision course, you won’t have any of those issues. Tutors should be well trained and have years of hands-on experience, so their content is relevant, insightful and engaging.

8. Accessible anytime and from anywhere

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Traditional courses are, by definition, held in a physical location. So, if you can’t get there for some reason, that’s on you to catch up.

In comparison, online courses are always available no matter where you are or what time it is. After all, the CIMA qualification is international, so it makes sense that the courses are too!

9. You’re More Likely to Pass

The major benefit of studying online is that you’re more likely to pass. This is because it’s structured, guided, supportive learning that is specifically tailored to help you pass the exam.

Looking through notes and using resources from the CIMA Global website is fine, but it will never be as effective as a tailored revision course. It’s like trying to make a complicated dessert without a recipe book.

Some people will succeed, but most people will be more likely to succeed if they have all the resources and support they need.

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