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7 of the Best YouTube Channels for Accounting Students

To help you focus during your professional accounting exams, we’ve found the best YouTube channels that offer accounting lessons and lectures.

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If you’re an accounting student looking to better understand the concepts and a visual way to gain knowledge, YouTube is a perfect place to explore. To help you focus during your professional accounting exams, we’ve found the best YouTube channels for accounting students that offer lessons and lectures.

These channels not only offer quality lessons but also allow you to engage with other students who share the same interests through the comment sections. The channels below provide excellent educational videos to ensure you have an easy and smooth ride through the accounting journey. Pull up a chair to get started.

1. Farhat’s Accounting Lectures

This channel has been around for over a decade, having been started in November 2006. If there’s a channel that knows the way in accounting, it has to be this. There are several lectures that cover different units of college-level accounting courses, including financial, managerial, intermediate, and advanced accounting.

Every day, the team uploads approximately five distinct videos for its vast audience of 68,000 subscribers. So far, they have shared over 1,500 videos. Of course, these numbers keep growing by the day, and it’s not hard to see why. Farhat concisely delivers content to make you grasp all the concepts hassle-free.

2. Accounting Stuff

Accounting Stuff is a great place to begin if you’re starting your accounting journey. The channel offers a breakdown of basic accounting concepts, ensuring you have a solid foundation for further advanced courses.

The channel has garnered over 401,000 subscribers since its inception in May 2018. About 2 to 3 videos are posted monthly addressing various topics on the subject. Currently, the channel has over 60 videos with a view count of over 1.3 million.

3. Else Grech Accounting

Next on the list is the Else Grech Accounting channel. This YouTube channel not only aims to tackle the technical end of accounting but also the ratiocination end of it. It doesn’t matter if you are studying managerial or financial accounting; this channel has you covered.

The channel has lessons that suit both greenhorns and masters in the field. Every month, the host, Else, uploads a video to the channel. Established in June 2014, the channel quickly gained traction. Now, it boasts a subscriber count of over 13,800. Additionally, the videos on the channel have collectively received more than 1.43 million views.

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4. CPA strength

This YouTube channel is run by a licensed, certified public accountant based in Florida. The host had a tough beginning in the journey and wanted to help make it easier for other students looking to pursue the same career.

The host makes use of a fun and thrilling way to deliver accounting concepts to his 124,000+ subscribers. They launched the channel in 2011, showcasing their extensive experience. Furthermore, they consistently upload a new episode every week. The channel has a combined view count of over 7.8 million.

5. Accounting in Hand | Accounting Basics

Started in October 2018, this channel seeks to help lay a solid foundation by explaining accounting basics in a simplified way.

It is run by a group, Team Osum Accounts Basic, based in India. An average of two videos are posted monthly. Currently, the channel has 32 educational videos and a view count of 17,980.

6. Learnsignal

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Our YouTube channel has nearly everything you are looking for as an accounting student. The best thing about us is that we comprehensively cover the ACCA qualification. Additionally, you can get useful tutorials and guides on our website.

At Learnsignal, we cover ACCA and CIMA courses and give handy tips, such as how to pass various accounting exams. We deliver content precisely and comprehensively to ensure you understand the concepts effortlessly.

7. Kauser Wise

Kauser Wise YouTube channel is a good platform for any accounting student looking to learn and understand various accounting topics. It is run by Mrs Kauser – M.Com (NET & JRF), M.Phil, MBA. Assistant Professor, Chennai.

The channel has different tutorials covering a range of subjects, including financial accounting, corporate accounting, financial management, cost and management accounting, operations research and statistics. Currently, there are over 98 videos available on the channel. It has a subscription of 474,000. Since starting in March 2017, the channel has recorded 51 million views.


These aren’t the only accounting channels available on YouTube, so don’t limit yourself. However, these seven are the best on the market. So, if you’re seeking to expand your classroom knowledge through YouTube tutorials, these channels ought to be on your list.

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