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Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is an important skill to have in a professional setting to achieve your goals, and help you pr...

Evita Astrid Veigas
02 Dec 2022
6 min read

Clean and Dirty Price

Coupon bonds have a clean price before any interest is paid.

Owais Siddiqui
26 Oct 2022
1 min read

Bull and Bear Spread

Bull and Bear spread are two common hedging strategies.

Owais Siddiqui
24 Oct 2022
1 min read

Unexpected Loss

Unexpected loss refers to the amount that a company could lose in addition to its average (anticipated) loss possibil...

Owais Siddiqui
23 Oct 2022
1 min read

What is Hypothesis Testing?

Hypothesis Testing is an educated statement, based on observations, about what we expect to happen within a population.

Owais Siddiqui
10 Oct 2022
2 min read

Foreign Currency and Local Currency Defaults

The risk of a country defaulting on its debt is one indicator of its risk.

Owais Siddiqui
01 Oct 2022
1 min read

Your Ultimate Guide to the ACCA Professional Ethics Module

Find out about changes to the ACCA professional ethics module, what it involves, when to take the module, and much more.

Alan Lynch
04 Jul 2022
2 min read

Series A Funding: Lifeline to a Startup’s Journey to Growth

Learn stages of funding - seed funding, series A funding and the impact it has on shareholding pattern in a startup.

Abhijit Biswas
04 Jul 2022
4 min read

What Makes The Perfect CV? Advice From Experts!

We asked recruitment experts 4 questions to find out what to keep in mind when writing a CV, elements to include to m...

Clodagh OBrien
04 Jul 2022
7 min read