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Is There a Trick to Passing my ACCA exams?

Many students are looking for the ‘magic trick’ that will help them pass their ACCA exams; this article explains how.

Many students seek the ‘magic trick’ to help them pass their ACCA exams. This article explains how there is no ‘magic’, just ‘method’.

  • How do I best prepare for the ACCA?
  • Is there a trick to passing ACCA exams?

This is part of our ACCA FAQ series, where we answer the questions hundreds of you have asked us. Learnsignal also runs regular webinars addressing your questions live and often refers to your frequently asked questions on our popular podcast show – Forget the Numbers: The Student Accounting Show.

What’s the trick to passing the ACCA?

The difficulty with the ACCA is that there is no trick. There’s no clever workaround.

The major thing, which isn’t a clever shortcut at all, is planning. There’s no way around this. You need to plan, practice, and put in a lot of hard work.

To pass the ACCA, you can’t just go and sit an exam after studying for three weeks and pass. Maybe you get lucky, once, but that’s not a strategy. Mostly, that’s just not going to work.

So you need to plan ahead. We recommend you spend about 12 weeks studying for every subject you’re taking. And yes. That does mean, that when you finish one set of exams, you only get a few days off before starting your next session.

But that’s the best way of doing it.

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