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CIMA Cuppcar Pre-Seen MCS Analysis: A Detailed Analysis

In our CIMA Cuppcar Pre-Seen analysis, we do a thorough examination of the MCS case study.

Philip Meagher
24 Jan 2024
15 min read

CIMA Robobryce Pre-Seen Analysis: A Complete Guide For Students

Our Robobryce pre-seen analysis will provide you with an understanding the challenges and opportunities that the comp...

Philip Meagher
19 Oct 2023
17 min read

Personal Best – Preparing for CIMA Operational Case Study – Elevate Your Exam Readiness

CIMA Operational Case Study: Personal Best. Get actionable insights, a deep understanding, and key strategies for you...

19 Sep 2023
16 min read

UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Australia–United Kingdom free trade agreement was signed 17 December 2021.

Evita Veigas
09 May 2023
1 min read

CIMA exam tutorials (Pearson VUE platform)

CIMA offers two types of question tutorials to cover the objective tests and case study exams.

Evita Veigas
08 May 2023
1 min read

3 Points while addressing Strategic Choices question

After clearing my CIMA strategic level in 2019, I have been writing and correcting CIMA SCS and ACCA SBL mocks for th...

Evita Veigas
28 Apr 2023
2 min read

The new CIMA CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP)

Whether you are an existing or potential CIMA student, you need to know more Financial Leadership Program, CIMA is no...

Evita Veigas
14 Apr 2023
4 min read

The CIMA Gateway Exam – All You Need To Know

Your guide to understanding and preparation for the CIMA Gateway exam with all the fine details

Evita Veigas
13 Apr 2023
3 min read

CIMA Exam Dates – Plan for Your 2024 Exams!

There are four opportunities a year when you can sit case study exams - February, May, August and November.

Katie Ni Choileain
23 Jan 2023
3 min read