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FRM statistics
Average Salary
€40k - €128k
Network of Peers
Increase in Enrolment/yr
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FRM Courses 📒

Our FRM courses are fully packaged with online video lectures, end-of-module tests and over 5,000 exam standard questions!


Part I
Part II
Foundations of Risk Management
Quantitative Analysis
Financial Markets & Products
Valuation & Risk Models

Foundations of Risk Management

Foundations of Risk Management focuses on foundational concepts of risk management and how risk management can add value to an organization.


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Learning experience and benefits

I've passed all the papers with help of Learnsignal. It has been a smooth and memorable learning experience with LS. Very efficient and crisp delivery of lectures and doubt solving. Weekly webinar, podcasts, daily bootcamp questions helped to keep the motivation up.

-- Kishan Kavadia

Fantastic, Affordable, Invaluable

Affordable access to top-tier materials and resources, I cannot recommend Learnsignal highly enough and give them all the credit for helping me pass my exams. You don’t get the in-class lectures, but you do get: detailed high-quality voice-over lectures for each module with supporting notes, weekly interactive support webinars, boot camp for key topics in the last weeks leading up to exam, study plans based on 12 or 6 week plans, solutions for all previous exams and for your own practice exams/questions to be graded by the experts. If you are comfortable managing your study yourself, Learnsignal is an absolute must-have resource.

-- Simon Reynolds

Excellent Support videos for students &…

Excellent Support videos for students & Doubt clarification available 24x7. In addition revision boot camp boosts the morale of the student as the exam is nearing. Learnsignal course is designed in a systematic manner, enabling every student to clear exams.

-- Arunachalam Sivaraman

I passed again!

I had to resort to a lot of self study due to the pandemic last year as physical classes where I am were cancelled. I studied on learning signal and passed my tax exam in September.. I then made a last minute decision to enroll for Finacial management exam in December! I wasn't sure i had enough time but I followed the study plan as best as I could, watched all my learning videos, followed revision bootcamp and practised practised and practised!! Well, I am so happy to say , I passed!! The practise videos were also of great help cos the tutor showed shortcuts in using spreadsheets. The platform showing my progress (no of steps.completed) was also a good motivator for me..I always had a weekly target😊. I am just happy with my result and passing 2 exams back to back is the greatest feeling!

-- Wei

God bless 5 minutes to Pass & Bootcamp

The ‘5 minutes to Pass’ video is the most underrated resource ever! Works well when coupled with following Bootcamp for all 21 days. Did so for me

-- Breeze

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