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Financial Ratios – A Tool for Meaningful Comparisons

Learn components and the power of a financial ratio that can be used for a meaningful analysis of a company.

Abhijit Biswas
04 Jul 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Accounting Standards

Accounting standards maintain consistency when it comes to business tasks, especially those to do with finance.

Clodagh OBrien
04 Jul 2022

Dow Theory: Understanding Primary & Secondary Trends

The Dow theory, named after Charles H. Dow, examines stock market fluctuations, the primary trend and the secondary t...

Sagar Pujari
04 Jul 2022

Current Ratio & Quick Ratio: Use of Liquidity Ratios

Learn how to measure a business' solvency with liquidity ratios that come in two categories: Current ratio and Quick ...

Sagar Pujari
04 Jul 2022

Topics under Current Issues in Financial Markets in FRM Part 2 Exam

Current Issues in Financial Markets is one of the six broad topics that GARP tests in its FRM Part 2 exam.

Abhijit Biswas
04 Jul 2022

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