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What Does Personal Effectiveness Mean?

Personal effectiveness is an important skill to have in a professional setting to achieve your goals, and help you pr...

Evita Astrid Veigas
02 Dec 2022
6 min read

Clean and Dirty Price

Coupon bonds have a clean price before any interest is paid.

Owais Siddiqui
26 Oct 2022
1 min read

Bull and Bear Spread

Bull and Bear spread are two common hedging strategies.

Owais Siddiqui
24 Oct 2022
1 min read

Unexpected Loss

Unexpected loss refers to the amount that a company could lose in addition to its average (anticipated) loss possibil...

Owais Siddiqui
23 Oct 2022
1 min read

What is Hypothesis Testing?

Hypothesis Testing is an educated statement, based on observations, about what we expect to happen within a population.

Owais Siddiqui
10 Oct 2022
2 min read

Foreign Currency and Local Currency Defaults

The risk of a country defaulting on its debt is one indicator of its risk.

Owais Siddiqui
01 Oct 2022
1 min read

Series A Funding: Lifeline to a Startup’s Journey to Growth

Learn stages of funding - seed funding, series A funding and the impact it has on shareholding pattern in a startup.

Abhijit Biswas
04 Jul 2022
4 min read

What Makes The Perfect CV? Advice From Experts!

We asked recruitment experts 4 questions to find out what to keep in mind when writing a CV, elements to include to m...

Clodagh OBrien
04 Jul 2022
7 min read

How to Conduct a Successful Appraisals?

Appraisals are critical between a manager and an employee. Here's how to conduct an effective appraisal for an accoun...

04 Jul 2022
3 min read