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How Can a CIMA Qualification Help You Get a Job?

A CIMA certification can put you ahead of the game when it comes to that dream role in the finance and accounting sector!

A career in finance can offer plenty of diversity and an exciting work environment. What can you do to make sure you can land a job in finance? Turns out, a CIMA certification can put you ahead of the game!

Jobs in finance and accounting are growing faster than in other business sectors. It’s clear that these jobs aren’t being eliminated with changing technologies. Instead, the roles and tasks are evolving into something different. With that evolution, new skills and knowledge are needed in order to stand out for job opportunities.

Professionals now need to understand how the business works as a whole and think strategically to provide the best business advice to their organisation.

Plus, having the bare minimum for education requirements just isn’t going to cut it in a competitive job market. You can set yourself apart and get the skills you need with a CIMA certification.

Keep reading to learn how passing your CIMA exams can put you on a path toward your dream job.

Diversify Your Expertise

Earning a CIMA certification can give you a more extensive range of expertise than some other certifications. CIMA focuses on the intersection of financial accounting, management accounting, and business. That means you’ll be getting a broad skillset to use in various positions.

You won’t be limited to accountancy jobs when you receive your CIMA certificate. The CIMA covers topics that help you understand how businesses operate and how different departments work together on business strategy.

For example, a CIMA certification prepares you for jobs that require analysis, strategic thinking, risk management, and planning.

This diverse skillset helps you take on advisory roles within organisations and stands out among other job-seekers when applying for any business or finance role.

Bigger Opportunities

Because CIMA focuses on such a broad range of skills that aren’t specific to accounting, you can leverage your CIMA certification to work within other business segments.

For example, financial analysts and commercial analysts benefit from understanding how the business operates as a whole. CIMA helps you understand the way different business roles work together and can help you work for cross-function teams.

With a CIMA certification, you can pursue opportunities in other operational roles or even senior-level and executive board positions. CIMA teaches you how to think strategically, advise organisations, and make big, high-level decisions. Those skills are necessary if you’re hoping to advance your career into a leadership position.

Exclusive Career Hub

If you’re looking for employers that value your specific certification, look no further than CIMA’s exclusive career hub. Here, you can find open positions around the globe that place a high value on people that have CIMA certification.

CIMA professionals can access the CIMA career hub for career advice, CV writing blueprints, and a network of available opportunities. Instead of endless searching, you can sign up for specific job alerts and receive emails for positions that fit your criteria.

Plus, you can get a customised salary report that shows what you’re worth compared to other CIMA professionals. You’ll know exactly how to negotiate when your next opportunity presents itself.

Instant Recognition

CIMA credentials are among the most globally recognised qualifications. Adding a CIMA certification to your CV will help you land more opportunities and stand out as a highly-skilled professional.

There are more than 220,000 CIMA members across 176 countries. The CIMA is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants, and it is instantly seen as a symbol of financial expertise and dedication to career advancement.

Both of these factors help open the door to the career trajectory that you’re searching for.

Increase Credibility

Having a CIMA certification increases your credibility when seeking new opportunities.

You’re showing potential employers that you have the skills and dedication to understand their business. Meanwhile, employers are specifically looking for the skills you’ve learned during your studies.

If you seek out additional training and career development, it shows that you’re committed to doing a great job in your career. That dedication translates to excellent outcomes in your work which provides employers with many benefits.

Showing off your CIMA credentials in a job search can elevate your status as a professional and set you apart from your competition.


CIMA doesn’t help you get just any job – it enables you to get a job you’ll love. It can put you on the career path you’ve always dreamt of by showcasing your skills and business expertise.

Since CIMA doesn’t focus solely on accountancy, it can help prepare you for various career paths, including those in leadership and executive positions.

CIMA credentials are recognised globally, and many employers seek out candidates that have additional training. Getting your CIMA qualification will help you stand out as a job seeker. Plus, your extra skills make you more credible in your profession.

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