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CIMA Exam Proctoring: Everything You Need to Know

To help students pass, CIMA has made remote, proctored testing possible from the comfort and convenience of your home.

 man on laptop from top viewCOVID-19 has put the world at a standstill and forced everyone to reevaluate how we go about our daily lives. In just a few short months, everyone has had to learn to become more remote and maintain a productive work life. This is why CIMA Exam Proctoring was introduced.The education sector has arguably had the most enormous challenge to overcome. How can you provide the same structured learning and testing environment from a distance?With testing centres and learning providers closing their doors worldwide to keep everyone safe, CIMA has also started embracing the remote approach.To help students pass, CIMA has made remote, proctored testing possible from the comfort and convenience of your home. So, even during this global pandemic, you can stay on track and make progress on your goals for the future.Are you looking to take advantage of this opportunity? Find out everything you need to know in this blog.

What is Online Proctoring?

CIMA is allowing students to take their exams remotely using online proctoring. Online proctoring, or invigilation, is a way to supervise test-takers and ensure honesty while preventing cheating.If you were to take your CIMA exams in a test centre, you would have a supervisor in the room with you. That person is trained to facilitate the exam and monitor your behaviour to prevent you and others from cheating.Anyone relying on the exam results can trust their accuracy by monitoring the testing facility.For example, if employers only want to hire individuals who have passed the CIMA exam, having a proctor guarantees that a passing score means the person has the knowledge needed for the exam.Now, with the help of software, CIMA is having students take the exams while being monitored via the webcam and microphone on your computer.

How Does CIMA Exam Proctoring Work?

lady smiling staring at screenCIMA is using Pearson OnVUE to safely and securely proctor your upcoming exams.Using Pearson OnVUE, CIMA can guarantee that exam results are reliable while providing a fair testing environment for all students. Each tester will have an assigned proctor to monitor the test using your device’s webcam and microphone.With exam proctoring, you’ll be able to take your exams from the comfort of your home. You’ll need a quiet environment for testing. The room must be walled with a closed door and free of distractions. Other people are not allowed in the room while you’re testing.Pearson OnVUE requires a reliable device, a strong internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. It’s best to use a wired internet connection while you are testing. That eliminates any potential wifi connectivity problems and creates a more reliable connection.The CIMA exam format will be almost the same as if you were in a testing facility. There are very slight adjustments that had to be made for the Pearson OnVUE software.CIMA has posted a particular FAQ page that will help answer any additional questions you have about proctored testing.

Scheduling and Accessing the Exam

You can schedule your exam now through the MyCIMA platform by selecting the Pearson OnVUE option. Exams can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance of the exam start time. You’ll also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your exam.Here’s how to access the exam on test day:
  1. Log into your Pearson VUE account
  2. Select the option to begin your exam
  3. Download any required software to use the proctoring service
  4. Run the OnVUE software
  5. Complete the check-in process: you’ll be prompted to take a photo of your ID, a headshot, and photos of your surroundings
  6. The exam begins once you’ve completed check-in
  7. You’ll be monitored throughout your exam via webcam and microphone; do not leave the room or move out of the proctor’s view
  8. Ask the proctor questions at any time using the chat feature on the screen
  9. Once you complete the exam, you’ll receive a pass/fail on your dashboard

Preparing for CIMA Exam Day

Setup Your Computer and Test Area

Before you get started on your exam, you’ll need to dedicate a room to use for testing. Make sure it is a walled room with a closed door. You aren’t allowed to have anyone in the room while you test, so make sure you’re free from distractions.Remove any pictures or notes from your testing area. Then, review any exam guidelines and expectations. Ensuring you know what is allowed during your exam will help avoid confusion and give you the best chance of success.You can do a system check with Pearson VUE to ensure your computer can handle its software appropriately. Ideally, you’ll want a wired internet connection during your exam to prevent any hiccups with technology.

What You’ll Need

On test day, you’ll be required to have two forms of identification. First, you’ll need a photo ID, like a passport or another government-issued ID. The second form of ID needs to have your full name and signature. You can use a signed debit or credit card.You can also bring a calculator from CIMA’s pre-approved list. However, you won’t be able to bring any scrap paper or a whiteboard for notes. Instead, you’ll have to use an electronic notepad provided during the exam.Water in a clear glass is allowed during the exam, but you won’t be able to take any breaks, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. You also won’t be able to eat, smoke, or chew gum during the testing session.Here is a list of items that aren’t permitted during the exam:
  • Mobile phone
  • Headphones or headsets
  • Handheld computers or other electronic devices
  • Pagers
  • Watches
  • Purses
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Coats
  • Books
  • Notes
  • Any other materials that aren’t specifically approved

Benefits of Proctored CIMA Exams

CIMA is opening many doors for people aspiring to take their exams in the future. By offering a proctored exam option, CIMA eliminates some of the barriers people experience when working towards their goals.The biggest benefit of a proctored CIMA exam is your flexibility. You can schedule your test 24 hours a day, availability permitting. That means you can take the exam when convenient for you.Plus, you won’t have to carve out time in your schedule and commit to driving to a testing centre. Instead, you can test from the comfort of your own home or office. That eliminates any transportation barriers that testers may have.

Final Thoughts

CIMA is embracing the uncertainty in the world today and leveraging technology in order to help testers meet their goals. Instead of accepting closed testing centres and postponed exams, CIMA has partnered with Pearson OnVUE to offer testers proctored exams from the convenience of their own home.Anyone with a stable internet connection, reliable device, webcam, and microphone can easily take their exam from a closed room in their home. That means you can stay on top of your goals and keep moving forward, despite the rest of the world slowing down.
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