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CIMA Exams: New Resources to Pass OT & Case Study

CIMA has been busy providing updates in response to the changing global situation. Find out what Learnsignal are doing to help you study.

Working girl animatedCIMA has been busy providing updates recently in response to the ever-changing global situation. So, what does this mean for you, and how can we help you pass your upcoming exams? For your CIMA Exams we have released new resources to Pass OT & Case Study CIMA ExamsThe key thing to note is that CIMA has reacted positively at this time of great uncertainty and is putting together a solution so you can take your exams from home remotely.Key takeaways from this are:
  • The format of the exams is the same and will maintain the same level of security, reliability and fairness
  • This will apply to both case study and OT exams
  • You will receive a confirmation soon of exam dates for OTs and case studies and how you can schedule your exam
According to Andrew Harding, FCMA, CGMA, Chief Executive – Management Accounting at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, the reason for the decision was to:

“We put our members and students at the heart of everything we do. This change of approach will help our students keep their careers moving, and it will, despite the current uncertainty, benefit both the individuals and economy in the long-term.”

Key Advice to Pass Your CIMA Exams

Our key advice to pass your upcoming OT and case study exams are:
  • Take advantage of these strange times and get through as many exams as you can
  • Build yourself a plan, like the Learnsignal study plans that are available (in the resources’ tab’ for each course) and approach each exam methodically, so you pass the first time every time
  • For the case study exams, make a solid plan and use online resources such as our weekly case study webinars live or catch up later on our platform
Whether you are studying for a case study or OT, you can do simple things to make the most of your time from home to study and pass.

CIMA Case study students

Our expert Paul Russell hosted our first OCS live webinar ahead of the May sitting on Friday. This is the first of six live webinars, and you can find the recording on your course page under the ‘Webinar Series’ tab if you missed it.The next set of webinars for MCS starts this Friday and SCS the week after. If you haven’t registered yet, look for the emails this week with the exclusive member link to sign up.While you wait, you can access our case study kickstart resources that will help you avoid the key mistakes of past students to ensure you pass.

CIMA Objective Test Students

This week, CIMA should provide you with information on registering for your OT exams online. Once you’ve received this, you should book an exam and start progressing through your next level of OT subjects.To help you focus, we’ve developed study plans for each OT course. If you find you have more time available, you can condense this to do more exams from home.Do you only have one or two exams left on a level before your case study? If so, why not set a target to sit the August case study exams and arrange your timetable around this timeline?


The main thing is to come out of this period having taken advantage of the extra time you may have, as there will be many students who won’t make that mistake.Most importantly, this is a huge chance to take your exams at home – most of the stress/distraction on exam day comes from travel and the sense of anticipation and nervousness in the exam hall.We don’t know if this will be the new ‘normal’ for CIMA, but this is a fantastic chance to take your professional exams in the lowest stress situation you could hope for. Don’t waste this opportunity!Read more: 7 Ways to Pass Your CIMA Case Study Exams
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