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The Secret to Passing ACCA Exams First Time

Twice as many people don’t pass the ACCA first time round as those who do. What’s the secret to passing your ACCA exam!

There seem to be twice as many people who don’t pass the ACCA the first time round as those who do – a bit like a driving test!But, why is it that so few people pass the ACCA exams on their first go? Well, it’s not about luck, academic know-how or intelligence. As with any exam, your knowledge is only one part of the deal.So, what’s the real secret (or rather 5!) to pass your ACCA exam the first time around? Read on to find out!

1. Plan Early

closeup headshot young business woman with alarm clock drawing sketch above her head, isolated grey wall background. Human face expressions, emotions. Time, punctuality, busy schedule conceptMost of the marks in your ACCA exam will come from how well you can apply concepts in a scenario, rather than just writing down your knowledge.What this means is that you can’t just learn everything by heart and hope to pass the ACCA – you need to make time to learn and process what you’re learning.The key is to give yourself time so that what you learn sinks into your long-term memory rather than just relying on your short-term.So, put in plenty of revision time and use a study calendar from the start to help you focus and cover everything you need to know to pass.

2. Get into an ACCA Examiner’s Head

Puzzle head brain concept as a human face profile made from crumpled white paper with a jigsaw piece cut out on a rustic old wood background as a mental health symbol. (1)Examiners write the ACCA exams based on the syllabus, so it’s key to familiarise yourself with this so you know you’re studying the right things.It’s also a good idea to read the Examiner Approach interviews on the ACCA website, as they provide guidance, advice and tips as to what the examiners are looking for. It also will tell you mistakes to avoid based on the exams of past students.

3. Make Time for You!

people walking in long alley at fall autumn season representing infinite concept and healthy lifestyle in natureWhen you revise, it can seem like that’s all there is.Try not to get obsessed with the upcoming ACCA exam coming up. Of course, it’s important to learn all you can but you will find it hard to perform well in the exam if you are stressed or burnt out.Take time out for yourself and make sure you are balancing study with ‘your’ time. Go to the cinema, take a walk or spend time with family and friends to wind down.

4. Practice Your Answering Technique

Portrait of a happy casual woman sitting on the floor with laptop on gray backgroundSome ACCA students get overwhelmed by the amount of information there is to learn and focus on the exam content.While the content is important, it’s also crucial to know how to answer the variety of questions on each paper.To perfect your technique, download past papers if you’re going it alone, or use a revision platform to get advice and guidance from experts.After all, there’s no point in knowing all the course content if you are not sure how to answer questions!

5. Stay Healthy

Female staff holding organic sign board in supermarket-1All exams can make you feel pressure. This can lead to you feeling stressed or struggling to sleep and concentrate. While making time for yourself is important so is keeping an eye on your health.To pass ACCA the first time around it’s key to be calm and focused. So, make sure to eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, drink enough water, and take breaks when you need to.In addition, try and stick to a schedule so you can keep track of where you are and what’s left to do.So that’s it, the secret to passing the ACCA exams the first time around!But remember, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass the ACCA the first time. Look at it as a learning opportunity and think about the phrase – ‘There’s no such thing as failure – only deferred success’.
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