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7 Tips to Prepare You on ACCA Exam Day

ACCA exams are almost upon us. You’ve studied as much as you can, and you’re ready. Here are 7 tips to ensure you do yourself justice.

ACCA exams are almost upon us. You’ve studied as much as you can, and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Here are 7 tips to ensure you do yourself justice.

1. Don’t forget your ACCA exam docket

Your ACCA exam docket is available to download three weeks before your first exam. Your docket includes an exam timetable, your desk number for each paper, and the exam centre’s address. You must take your docket to all your exams and place it on your desk once you’re seated so the examiner can collect it during the exam. They’ll return it to you later if you have any other exams this session.

2. Arrive 30-minutes early

Aim to arrive 30-minutes before your exam starts, so you’re not stressed before you begin. Plan your route now, so you don’t have to think about it on the day. Consider things like traffic, time of day and alternative routes if something goes wrong. Leave comfortably more time than you need to avoid unnecessary additional stress – you’ll thank yourself later! If you do arrive late, you won’t be given any additional time, and if you’re more than an hour late, you won’t even be allowed to enter!

3. Declare any smart technology

It’s easy to forget that you have your mobile with you, but even if it’s switched off and in your bag, you risk being disqualified. If you have any items with smart technology – such as phones and watches – in the exam hall, you must tell an invigilator as soon as you enter. You must then switch the device off, place it in the clear plastic bag you’ll be given, and place it under your chair.


4. Bring the right equipment

There’s a list of equipment on your docket that’s allowed in your exam. Pay close attention to this to ensure you meet the ACCA exam rules and regulations or risk disqualification. Unauthorised items include the obvious – notes or reading materials – and the less obvious – a calculator that can store text, for example. Don’t forget the small things, like bringing a couple of spare pens.

5. Take the official photographic ID

Your photo ID will be checked to confirm your identity before you can start the exam. Make sure you prepare this the night before because if you forget this, you’ll have to get a suitable ID and return to the centre before the end of the ACCA exam session.

6. Check your exam papers

When you arrive at your desk, you should find your candidate answer booklet and your examination question paper. Check that you have these and that the exam paper is correct. If you have any issues, raise your hand, and an invigilator will resolve them. Then you can relax and mentally prepare before the exam starts.

7. Try not to stress!

You’ve got this. You’ve been working towards this, and you know more than you think. You’re more likely to do yourself justice in your ACCA exams if you’re calm and collected under pressure.

Conor Motyer
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