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Student Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Learnsignal

Our Student Guide on how to get the most out of Learnsignal is how we recommend you use the Learnsignal platform to give yourself the best possible chance of passing.

These tips will help maximise the effectiveness of your Learnsignal membership. Our Student Guide on how to get the most out of Learnsignal is how we recommend you use the Learnsignal platform to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the ACCA.Last week we talked about the advantages of studying online – which you’re fully familiar with if you’re a Learnsignal member. So well done you, you’ve taken the first important step to acing your ACCA exams.But we also wanted to share some tips to help you maximise the effectiveness of your Learnsignal membership.So here goes. This is how we recommend you use the Learnsignal platform, to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the ACCA.

Study little and often

The biggest issue for most students is finding time to study. So many things demand your attention: work, family, friends, sport – the list is endless. You know how important studying is, but you struggle to find the time.Learnsignal lets you study anytime, anywhere – so you can be more efficient with your time. Our most successful students talk about watching videos on the bus to meet friends, for example, or answering a quick set of MCQs while grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime, or answering a practice question on the daily commute to and from work.Student-guide_-How-to-get-the-most-out-of-LearnSignalPlus remember the time you’re saving here. No travelling to and from the classroom. No waiting for the class to start. No coffee breaks and chit-chat. All those wasted minutes do add up – and with Learnsignal, you can use them to learn instead.

Watch our bitesize lectures.

Your first port of call with Learnsignal is our tutor videos. Our extensive community of expert ACCA tutors create short, bitesize videos that walk you through every topic on the syllabus. So start here with any topic that interests you.Remember you can rewatch these videos at any time, as many times as you want. So some students might choose to watch all the videos through then come back to difficult areas, or you could watch one video a few times until you’re confident with the topic.

Download notes and practice MCQs

You don’t just get videos with Learnsignal. You can download the notes, questions and solutions that your tutor covers in each topic, so you can review in your own time.Some students will watch the videos at home, for instance, and then download the notes to re-read throughout the day. Or you could take the questions away and answer them independently, then compare your answer to the tutor video to test your knowledge.If you’re starting the syllabus from scratch, you might choose to watch all the videos until you think you have a good rudimentary understanding. Then you could read the notes for each video, to get more insight. Then when you’re revising your knowledge, come back to the questions.Student-guide_-How-to-get-the-most-out-of-LearnSignal1The point is this: Learnsignal is super flexible depending on how you want to learn. We give you all the information and make it easy to digest; you choose how, when and where you digest it.

Take a mock exam – and get personalised tutor feedback

We say this constantly: the best way to prepare for your ACCA exams is with practice. This is where our corrected mock exam service comes in.When you think you know the material fully – ideally two weeks before your exam – you get a mock exam for your topic. Take the paper in exam conditions and send your solution back to us. Our tutor team will expertly assess and mark it, and give personalised feedback on where you could improve.This will help give you a realistic idea of your readiness and help you spot areas to revise during those last two weeks. The videos and notes are available right up to the start of your exams, as often as needed.

Ask for tutor support whenever you need it.

Imagine – it’s a week before your exams, and you’ve come across something you don’t understand. With some online learning courses, there’s nobody to ask – so you’re left to guess or to panic and hope it doesn’t come up in the exam.Student-guide_-How-to-get-the-most-out-of-LearnSignal2Not with Learnsignal. You can get 24/7 tutor support throughout your membership whenever you need a helping hand. Just pop us an email if you come across a roadblock, grab a coffee, and we’ll get back to you before you’ve finished the cup. Our large tutor community means we get back to most questions within 10 minutes or less.

Follow our learning timetable.

ACCA-learning-timetable-1-683x1024 (1)One thing students always want to know is what other students are doing! It’s natural to be worried you’re doing the right things at the right times. That’s why we’ve laid out your learning journey in this handy timetable.Bear in mind that everyone is different, so you might need to allow more or less time than other students. But this general plan should steer you in the right direction.


Simple, huh? We know passing the ACCA will never be easy, but it can definitely be easier. We built Learnsignal to help you get the knowledge you need to pass in a way that’s faster, smarter and works around your life.If you have any other questions, please message us anytime. Or we’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter too, sharing exam advice, tutor interviews and general support to help you pass your ACCA.Learnsignal helps global finance and accounting professionals pass the ACCA faster, unlock higher earnings and accelerate career progression. If you haven’t joined us already, discover why hundreds of thousands of ACCA students trust Learnsignal to help them pass with a Learnsignal basic plan – no credit card required.
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