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7 of the Best Apps to Help You Stay Calm Before Exams

The lead up to exam day can be very stressful even when they’ve put in the hours. To help you stay relaxed, here are 7 of the best apps.

The lead-up to exam day can be very stressful for many people, even when they’ve put all the study hours in. To help you stay relaxed, here are 7 of the best apps.This anxiety can make it challenging to stay focused and calm when it comes to sitting the exam.To help you beat exam stress and stay relaxed, here are 8 of the best apps you can use.

1. Headspace

With over 30 million downloads worldwide,  Headspace is one of the best apps to help you remain calm.This popular meditation app offers a free 10-part basic course that focuses on mindfulness. It makes use of special animations to enhance meditation.The app also provides short meditation sessions, usually between 3 to 10 minutes and themed sessions to deal with panic, stress, and anxiety.The app allows you to add your friends for meditation and motivation. You can save your favourites for later access when you are offline. The app’s blog also has several useful ideas on meditation too. You can get the app from the  Appstore or  Google Playstore.

2. Stop, breathe and think

Whenever you are about to panic or feel anxious, doing three simple things – stop, breathe and think – has always been effective.This emotional wellness app will ask you to describe your feelings and mood. Using the information you provide, the app will recommend something that suits you. It could be guided meditation or even yoga.Using the app helps you develop a habit of taking a moment to think about the current situation you are in. It is worth noting that the app has won the People’s Voice as well as the Webby Award. Considering what the app offers, it is not hard to see why it has excellent ratings.The recommended activities and sessions help you clear your head and remain calm. You get 30 free ten-minute activities for the free version, although you can up the number of activities you have access to by getting the premium version.

3. Happify

As the name suggests, this app is geared towards making you feel happy and stress-relieved!Happify covers positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness. The app offers games to relieve stress, motivational articles, and audio tracks from psychology experts.It’s available on both  Android and iOS platforms at no cost. However, you will need to pay a fee to access some extra features.Register today for our free basic plan to see what we offer to help you pass your ACCA or CIMA exams!

4. Sleep Cycle

Getting good sleep is essential and vital to having a productive day. During exam season, you can hardly have a night of good sleep.More often than not, your schedule revolves around discussions and revision, with only a few hours set aside for rest, not to mention cups of coffee you gulp down during those nights.Most people go by this routine to the point where they forget sleep is just as important. The Sleep Cycle application ensures you don’t compromise your sleep schedule. You can set your wake-up phase anywhere between 10 to 90 minutes.  The app will then wake you up as soon as it detects light sleep.It uses your phone’s accelerometer to track movements through which it knows whether you are deep asleep or otherwise. As a general rule, your body is less likely to move when you are deep asleep.The sleep cycle helps you have a fresh day after enough rest. It is available on  Google Playstore and  Apple App Store.

5. Calm

Calm offers guided meditation sessions that can help you overcome tension and stress. In addition, you also get access to unguided timed meditation sessions.The app provides you with breathing exercises as well to help you stay calm. You get to choose your favourite relaxing sound from the assorted range available.Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, Calm has something for you. The app recently added a check-in feature through which you can express your feelings over the day.It is even easier to access your meditations with an updated home screen. The app is available at a yearly subscription fee of $69.99 or a lifetime plan of $399.99. You can download the app for your Android or iOS device.Read more: 8 of the Best Apps for Effective Study

6. 7 Cups

Therapy is either expensive, time-consuming, or sometimes both. The 7 Cups app allows you to have a ‘therapy’ session with experts and trained listeners at no cost.For those who prefer talking out their issues, 7 Cups is ideal. If you are burdened with the exam load, take a break and talk to someone who will help you relax.Perhaps the most significant upside of this app is that you will have the session anonymously and at a time of your choosing. You also get to select your listeners depending on their background and experience.It provides you with a personalised, safe space to share your exams and classwork issues. You can get the app on the  Appstore or on  Google Play.

7. Colorfy

This app provides you with flowing shapes and patterns for you to colour. You can easily clear up your head through these activities and stay sharp. Colouring has proved to be an effective relaxation technique not only for children but also for adults.You can also add your drawing to the rich collection the app provides. The app can be used offline, and you can share the drawings with other platforms. With a unique augmented reality virtual gallery, you can see your drawings in a real-world setting.The app is free on Google Play and the App Store but contains additional in-app purchases.


Exams are almost always overwhelming. However, you can unwind and destress with these apps before you sit for them.All you need to do is find the app that uses the method or technique you prefer, and you will be set.It doesn’t matter if it’s meditation, yoga, breathing, or colouring; one of the apps above should have you covered.
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