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Leadership 4.0

Leadership 4.0: a holistic approach to navigating Industry 4.0. Guide your team through change and make the transition easier!

It is not changing itself that scares people, but the speed at which that change is happening …IndustryThere’s a new buzzword on the block, and its name is Leadership 4.0. As the world transitions to Industry 4.0, Leadership 4.0 seems to be a holistic approach to change in what can be an overwhelming transition for everyone!

What is Leadership 4.0? 

Leadership 4.0 is a strategy and concept increasingly referred to by academicians and global consultants regarding the new leadership style for the fourth industrial revolution. It’s an approach that is gaining ground as it deals with the issues surrounding people: the essential element for successful Industry 4.0 integration. Industry 4.0 is often spoken in terms of digital technology rather than in terms of employees.  It is the tech of Industry 4.0 that many employees fear will replace their jobs. And that’s where leadership 4.0 can play a significant and vital part in how Industry 4.0 is integrated into a new working life.

The Strengths of a Digital Leader

Leadership 4.0 is about appointing digital leaders who can take responsibility for the people-side of this massive change, creating an open, employee-centric environment.The fourth revolution is about agility.  Workforces, especially the technical, digital and engineering teams, will need to be able to analyse data and make informed decisions quickly.  Teams will be formed from the skills required for that cross-functional project.  This will require exceptional organisational and delegation skills from digital leaders who understand where those talents are and how to distribute tasks according to competence.

A Transparent, Innovative Work Place

4.0 leaders encourage a transparent, creative culture that can change as situations dictate.  This new work environment will be a significant and possibly an uncomfortable move for many who are used to secure and rigid project management within traditional manufacturing environments.These new digital leaders will need to be a new breed, leading in a way that organisations haven’t seen before, prepared to embrace a very different way of working – just as their employees will be encouraged to develop their skills to evolve in the way they work for their personal needs and the common goal of the organisation.Influential digital leaders in the industry will be responsible for the continually changing interaction between man, machines and methods whilst nurturing ongoing knowledge-share, collaboration and innovation. There’s no doubt that Industry 4.0 is bringing innovative technological change, but we still need to see its effect on how people work and interact with the tech and with each other in the future. 
Evita Veigas
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