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ACCA Strategic Professional   Optional

Advanced Taxation (ATX-UK)


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Course Overview

The Advanced Taxation (ATX-UK) course focusses on how the impact of major taxes impacts financial decisions.

You will need a detailed knowledge of the ATX-UK syllabus. This includes assumed knowledge of technical areas brought forward from the TX-UK syllabus, which must be refreshed and updated for the examinable Finance Act.

ATX-UK is one of the four optional courses in the Strategic Professional level. You have to pick two of the four optional papers.

Moving into the exam, you should be aware of some key points:

  • All questions will be scenario-based
  • All questions will contain a mixture of computational and discursive elements
  • More than one topic area of the syllabus may be examined in each question
  • Questions may also involve elements of planning, and the interaction of taxes

The Learnsignal guide to passing Advanced Taxation:

  • Study with an Approved Learning Partner
  • Allow sufficient time to analyse requirements into all constituent parts to ensure every part is answered
  • If you have been given certain figures to use, do not waste time recalculating them
  • Relate any calculation or discussion to the context in the given scenario
  • Do not spend your time addressing issues which have not been asked for
  • Appreciate that professional skills are required throughout all answers to achieve high marks
  • Identify all the requirements in the Section A case study questions in requirements section and the document references in the scenario
  • Practice using a CBE tool to get prepared for your exam


Complete your Ethics and Professional Skills module prior to Strategic professional courses.


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