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ACCA Strategic Professional   Optional

Advanced Performance Management (APM)


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Course Overview

The Advanced Performance Management (APM) course focusses on managing a business so as to achieve better performance. Most of the topics were introduced in the MA and PM courses, but are examined at a higher level in APM.

The APM syllabus has five capabilities which can be summarised as follows:

  • Use strategic planning and control models
  • Assess the impact of risk and uncertainty
  • Identify and evaluate design features of performance management systems
  • Apply appropriate strategic performance measurement techniques
  • Advise clients on strategic business performance evaluation

APM is one of the four optional courses in the Strategic Professional level. You have to pick two of the four optional papers.

The Learnsignal guide to passing Advanced Performance Management:

  • Study with an Approved Learning Partner
  • The key to exam success is question practice, especially using the CBE
  • Understand the links between issues at the strategic, tactical and operational levels
  • Understand in particular how the choice of operational performance measures affects strategic performance
  • Be able to apply PM knowledge to more complex scenarios

  • Use any exhibit, information, model or technique explicitly referred to in a requirement
  • Interpret and further analyse data provided
  • Be selective in making calculations
  • Assess alternative approaches from different perspectives
  • Justify advice using the evidence given in the scenario
  • Quantify comments, where possible
  • Discuss commercial implications


Complete your Ethics and Professional Skills module prior to Strategic professional courses.


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