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ACCA Strategic Professional   Optional

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)


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Course Overview

The Advanced Financial Management (AFM) course focusses on managing the finances of a business, and is a continuation of the FM course. 

This is an advanced level exam which builds upon the knowledge and skills examined in Financial Management. You will be required to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Read and digest comprehensive and detailed questions quickly
  • Apply relevant knowledge and skills
  • Exercise the professional judgement expected of a senior financial professional
  • Make recommendations or financial management decisions that are likely to affect the entire business organisation

Like a senior financial professional at work, you will be expected to read a business brief and decide on a relevant methodical approach to meeting the brief’s objectives, making notes where necessary.

Senior managers work under tight deadlines, and hence prioritising and managing your time is crucial to performing well under examination conditions.

AFM is one of the four optional courses in the Strategic Professional level. You have to pick two of the four optional papers.

The Learnsignal guide to passing Advanced Financial Management:

  • Study with an Approved Learning Partner
  • Study the whole syllabus, and supplement your studies with wider reading
  • Relate any discussion or evaluation to the scenario in the question; context is very important
  • Practice using a CBE tool
  • Use your exam time effectively; good time management skills are essential

  • Structure your answers; presentation is critical


Complete your Ethics and Professional Skills module prior to Strategic professional courses.


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