CIMA Operational   Case Study

Operational Case Study (OCS)


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Course Overview

The case study section of the Operational level is designed to test the knowledge you have learned in the three objective tests (E1, P1 and F1), and apply it to a real world situation. 

This will get you ready for what you could expect to experience as a management account.

With Learnsignal’s support, you can learn how to:

  • Prepare and get ready for your case study exam
  • How to use the pre-seen material
  • How to understand exam technique, and apply the content in the Operational syllabus

The Learnsignal guide to passing the Operational Case Study:

  • Study with an a Registered Tuition Provider to get expert content
  • Make sure you have completed and understood the OT courses
  • Work on your exam technique, not just the course content
  • Follow a study plan to make sure you are studying in a structured way
  • Use mock exams and practice questions to get ready for your exams
  • Reach out to tutors when you need support


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