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How to Study for ACCA If You Have a Busy Schedule?

5 tips for getting an ACCA qualification despite your schedule. How to Study for ACCA If You Have a Busy Schedule?

People of different ages, with dissimilarly sized pockets and many times, with differences in their daily baggage, set out to pursue ACCA each year. A full-time student who has no dependents, no job, and an easy lifestyle, in general, is likely to find passing ACCA exams much more accessible than a working mother of three.Then how do you study for ACCA if you have a busy schedule? Here are five tips for getting an ACCA qualification despite your schedule.

1. Make a study plan

Planning is essential when you have a busy schedule and need to regulate how many hours you should be dedicating to focused studying. Yes, everyone knows about planning, but not every student makes an effective plan which is feasible to pull off.Many times students find themselves crossing out items on their planners without actually finishing those tasks. They added those items just because they looked good on the plan. In reality, the key to effective planning is drawing out a realistic goal. To pass the ACCA exams with a demanding schedule, students must choose their papers according to the commitments at the time.The key to passing the exams with a busy schedule is good planning and studying smart rather than studying hard.

2. Get employer support

A large number of employers provide support to their employees who are pursuing professional qualifications such as ACCA. They do this because they believe the professional qualification of their employee will benefit the organization.Employers vary in the ways they provide support to employees pursuing ACCA. Some employers offer complete support, such as paying for exams, and tuition, giving paid leaves to study for exams, and paying for ACCA course materials.Other employers may not provide a full range of support but allow paid leaves to study for exams. A student’s negotiation skills may often determine the range of benefits that employers offer. So even if your employer is not very helpful when it comes to studying benefits, don’t be afraid to negotiate and get the best possible study benefits they offer.

3. Cut down on non-value adding activities

Many people have completed their ACCA within the span of three to four years alongside full-time employment and family commitments. There is no rocket science behind this. The simple fact is that studying well and passing exams within a reasonable period comes with a bit of sacrifice.An ACCA student with a busy schedule should at least partially give up non-value-adding activities. Those nights out with friends, the movie-watching, and non-stop computer gaming should take a back seat in a busy student’s life for a couple of years. Remember, for an ACCA member with a stable job in hand, opportunities for fun and leisure will be unlimited.

4. Get a good tuition provider with flexible study options

Each year, a few students self-study for their ACCA exams for several reasons – not having enough money to afford tuition and not having access to a good tuition provider. However, most of the students choose to study from ACCA-approved learning partners.Generally, the ACCA tuition fee is not exorbitant, so most students find paying it is within their budget. With ACCA-approved tuition providers, students benefit from having access to getting tuition from institutes that ACCA licenses to teach students.Taking tuitions from an approved learning provider is in the direct interest of students with a busy schedule. Most of the ACCA-approved learning providers offer online tuition, and sometimes they also offer flexible study options which are partially online and partially delivered in regular classes. Online programs and flexible programs save students commuting time and give them access to good quality tutors with vast experience.Furthermore, a student with a busy schedule has no time to waste. They cannot afford to experiment with study methods or research extensively to find the best free resources online. Studying with an ACCA-approved learning provider means they are already moving according to a tried and tested learning schedule. They can resolve queries under the guidance of an experienced tutor rather than looking for answers themselves.Good tuition providers also provide students with regular mocks and class tests, which enable students to perform confidently on exam day.

5. Involve children

Many parents struggle with giving exams because they don’t involve their children in their matters. Sometimes it is okay to delegate a bit of responsibility for household affairs to children. Children often surprise their parents with their ability to take care of matters. Once the children have covered some chores, the parents will find more time to study for their ACCA exams.


While it is great to be driven and fully prepared for your exams, it is also important to remember that your overall well-being cannot be compromised in the process. If you are struggling with a hectic schedule, don’t be too hard on yourself. Also, don’t draw comparisons between yourself and others where ACCA exam results are concerned. Just like no two fingers of the hand are of the same size, no two students’ faces come from precisely the same background.
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