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Performance Management (PM)


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ACCA Performance Management (PM)

The Performance Management (PM) course, a pivotal part of the ACCA applied skills courses, is designed to prepare students for their ACCA exams. It actively guides students on how to utilize management accounting techniques for effective planning, informed decision-making, and efficient performance evaluation and control.

Building on the foundation set by the Management Accounting (MA) course, the PM course emphasizes strategies to manage a business for enhanced performance. While many topics find their roots in MA, the PM course delves into them with added clarity and precision. For students gearing up for their ACCA papers, this structured content ensures they’re well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Additionally, the course offers continuous access to CBE practice questions and consistent tutor support, aiding students in pursuing ACCA qualification.

The PM exam divides into three sections:

Learnsignal Overview ACCA Financial Management Section A OT QuestionsA (30 marks) – 15 objective test (OT) questions, each worth 2 marks
Learnsignal Overview ACCA Financial Management Section B OT CasesB (30 marks) – Three OT cases with five OT questions worth 2 marks each, 10 marks per case
Learnsignal Overview ACCA Financial Management Section C Scenario writingC (40 marks) – Two scenarios which relate to one or more requirement(s)

Your Guide To Passing Performance Management:

  • Study with an Approved Learning Partner
  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Ensure you understand methods rather than just focus on how to do the calculations
  • Practice exam style CBE questions, to time
  • Develop your skills in answering constructed response questions
  • Attempt at least two full exams under exam conditions, with feedback


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